• Civita de Bagnoregio - Umbria
    Perched high on a hilltop, and separated from the world by a footbridge, Civita (Chi vee tah') is the hill town supreme. When you cross the footbridge into Civita, you are instantly transported into the 15th century. Cobblestone streets, a mule-driven olive oil press, pre-Roman ruins, not a single car, or asphalt street to break the spell. Welcome to medieval Italy.
  • Ostuni - Southeastern Italy
    The buildings of Ostuni are constructed of gray or gray-white limestone and the entire city sits on a limestone bluff. As you approach the city it almost appears as if some master craftsman has taken a chisel and carved the whole city right out of the limestone. This is a street scene on a rainy evening in November.
  • Positano - The Amalfi Coast
    Nestled in the rugged cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is almost too magical to describe in words. As John Steinbeck put it: "It is a dream place that isn't quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone."
  • The Hotel Torre Guelfa - Florence
    Located one block from the Ponte Vecchio in the heart of Florence, the Torre Guelfa boasts the highest privately owned tower in the city. From its top, one can see the Arno River, Brunelleschi's magnificent dome, and the classic tile rooftops that are found throughout the cities of Tuscany. This photo was taken midway up the tower as the sun illuminated the stairway and the city to the west.
  • A Touch of Blue - Orvieto
    Located in the Umbria region, just southeast of Tuscany, Orvieto sits atop a 700' bluff of volcanic stone that rises dramatically above the surrounding hills. In this photo a lone shopper ventures out into the oncoming storm, her blue umbrella in stark contrast to the cobblestone streets and crumbling 15th century buildings of the old city.
  • The Duomo - Siena
    Ah Siena! One of the most beautiful and accessible cities in Tuscany. Filled with narrow twisty streets, red-tiled roofs, beautiful views, and, of course, the magnificent cathedral (Duomo) built of layered black and white marble. Here it is just after sunset, from our hotel room. The sky is as it appeared that night. I set the camera on a tripod and held the shutter open for 30 seconds.
  • The Bay of Silence - The Italian Riviera
    This beautiful scene was shot in the early morning on the Italian Riviera just north of the area known as Cinque Terra. We were staying in a hotel on the bay and I got up in time to catch the morning sun on the buildings surrounding the bay. I exposed the shot so that the buildings were properly lighted and used my flash to illuminate the flowers in the foregound.
  • Skyline - Siena
    Siena is a photographer's dream come true. I had my camera with me constantly while I was there. Here is a view of the city skyline taken in the late afternoon on a chilly November day.
  • Church - Priano
    Although not as elegant as some of the churches in the big cities in the north, the bold geometric design of this church in the small Amalfi coast town of Priano makes an interesting photographic study.
  • Harborside - Sorrento
    Sorrento, a beautiful jewel on the Bay of Naples and gateway to the Isle of Capri. I don't know who set the hat and jacket on the door or what is happening behind it but I am grateful to them for this photo.
  • Marina - Capri
    Nothing like being with the one you love on the enchanting Isle of Capri. The bold colors and my beautiful (and somewhat chilly) partner brighten up a winter day on the marina of Capri.
  • Doorway - Siena
    I love the doors and windows of Tuscany. This was shot in the city of Siena.
  • Stairway - Positano
    Positano is built on a steep hillside. Cars have to traverse long distances to get from one street to another above it. Pedestrians, on the other hand, simply need to learn to climb stairs. Here I am halfway from the beach to the top of the cliff, stopping to take a much-needed rest and a photograph of this lovely arch.
  • Positano Hillside
    In case you thought I was exaggerating about the steep hillside, here is another shot of the city of Positano on the Amalfi Coast.
  • San Domenico - Siena
    Another skyline shot of Siena, this one featuring the church of San Domenico.
  • The Duomo - Florence
    An evening shot of the famous Duomo of Florence featuring Giotto's tower and Brunelleschi's Dome. This one was shot from the top of the tower at the Hotel Torre Guelfa.
  • Home at Last!
    Ever since I saws this street scene on the Isle of Capri, I've had fantasies about what it would be like to live in this house.
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