• Autumn Colors, MacKenzie River Trail
  • Autumn, Santiam Pass
    I saw this shot last year and didn't have the lens that I needed to get it right. This year, luckily, the color was better and the surrounding vegetation had grown enough to make the composition more interesting.
  • Autumn Detail, Clear Lake
  • Autumn at Mt. Bachelor
    Taken near Cascade Lakes Highway, just beyond the Mt. Bachelor turnoff. A warm and colorful look at my favorite mountain.
  • Sunset, Beach at Heceta Head
    This was shot after sunset using three separate exposures to get detail in the sky as well as in the shadows around the foreground log.
  • Beargrass and Rhody
    Most Beargrass photos I've seen show an abundance of blooms, usually in a meadow or on a hilltop. I wanted to do something different and finally spotted this combination of a near perfect bloom growing in front of a just-blooming Rhododendron
  • Merging Waters
    I found this little stream near Santiam Pass.
  • Sunset from Pilot Butte
    We get some pretty impressive sunsets here in Central Oregon, but this one has to take the prize. I just happened to be near Pilot Butte when I spotted the cloud formations and headed up to the top with camera and tripod.
  • I Got The Blues, Coffin Mountain
    Most photographs I've seen of Coffin Mountain show the abundance of Beargrass that blooms there in the spring. There are many nice examples of this (Bruce Jackson, Mike Putnam, Ross Wordhouse, Larry Goodman, to name a few). I wanted to show something different and just happened upon this flower-covered hillside one evening. I usually tell people that this photo was taken under extreme mosquito duress - and it was! I wanted to get the red Indian Paintbrush in the photo but had to work quickly because I had left my bug spray in the car. I finally decided to let the mosquitos have their meal and I took my time and composed this shot.
  • Sisters' Sunrise
    This was taken on a very chilly morning in March. South Sister was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds and I wasn't sure that it was going to be visible by sunrise. I've printed this photo in many sizes. It is even available as a one foot by 38 inch canvas which makes a pretty impressive piece when framed and matted.
  • Clouds Rising
    My first saleable print! Here is Mt. Bachelor again, this time on an early morning in late December. The wind had started blowing the clouds off the top of the mountain and the ski shed looks like a fairyland castle on top. The hawk sitting on the leftmost tree adds a nice touch.
  • Taking Wing
    I shot this at Smith Rock State Park after a prolonged waiting game. The goose was perched on a rock above me and looked like it was getting ready to take off. I approached slowly, not wanting to force things. Instead of getting nervous, the goose seemed to get curious and just sat there waiting. I thanked it for giving me time to get my settings in order and just waited until it decided to take off.
  • Autumn Garden
    A misty, rainy morning up by Cascade Lakes Highway. I was exploring with Bruce Jackson and we came upon this scene. I shot several versions but I like this one the best. It was shot in the rain and I like the way the rain gives the background an almost painted-in effect. Thanks Bruce for the inspiration, advice and encouragement.
  • Aspen and Rock
    Notice how the Aspen has grown right into the rock.
  • Spring at Mt. Bachelor
    This is a third photo in a series that was taken at approximately the same spot near the Cascade Lakes Hwy. just out of Bend.
  • Lone Tree #3
    I love taking photos of trees, which I think of as some of nature's most beautiful living sculptures. This one was taken in the fall just north of Quartzville, Oregon. I love the deciduous leaves in the background, which look like they are on fire in the printed version of this image. This image has a lot of pixels and prints well up to about 30 " high (over 40" framed).
  • Autumn at Steens Mountain
  • Fixer Upper
    Taken just off the highway between Bend and The Dalles.
  • Autumn, Drake Park
    The falling leaves gave me a perfect opportunity to try out a new wide-angle lens.
  • Thistles
    Taken at Steens Mountain
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Sitting pretty at the lava flow above Paulina lake
  • Broken Clouds
    Late afternoon autumn day at Cascade Lakes Highway
  • Winter at Mount Bachelor
    This shot was taken at approximately the same place as the Autumn at Mount Bachelor photo. I had gotten enough positive feedback about that first shot that I thought I'd try viewing the same scene at a different time of year.
  • Winter at Black Butte Ranch
    Taken on one of the cross-county ski trails just after a heavy snowfall.
  • Smith Rock
  • Broken Top from Mount Bachelor
    Perhaps not an artsy composition but I just loved the light.
  • Lone Tree #1
    An earlier shot, taken with a 4MP Canon G2. It prints well up to about 11x14. I've always been moved by the sight of this tree standing by itself in a cultivated field and thought that I'd like to photograph it sometime. I was driving to Bend from Sisters one afternoon in very overcast conditions. As I got near the tree, the western sky opened just enough to let some of the late afternoon sun illuminate the tree. Well, I guess this is the time to get the shot. I've gone back several times but have never found the light as dramatic as it was on that day.
  • Coffee Shop, Bend
  • Dunes, Waldport
    Taken just after sunrise in early spring.
  • Aspens, Black Butte Ranch
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